Infonic AG and Blackstone announce strategic partnership

Infonic AG, thought leader in software for investing into hedge funds has announced a strategic partnership with Blackstone, a leading asset management and advisory firm.

Infonic’s HedgeSphere product is a core component of Blackstone’s Hedge Fund Solutions technology platform. Under the agreement, Blackstone will hold a minority-interest in Infonic AG, and will share future innovation and technology with the company to help them build out their suite of products.

Tom Furrer, Founder and Chairman of Infonic AG said “Strengthening our long term relationship with Blackstone solidifies our leadership and helps position us for the future in this rapidly reshaping market. Access to Blackstone’s business and technology innovation is a huge plus for our clients and us.”

Kathleen Hogan, Managing Director and Head of Operations for Blackstone’s Hedge Fund Solutions group (BAAM) said “Infonic has produced a state-of-the-art platform in the hedge fund solutions marketplace. BAAM partnered with Infonic to strategically support the growth and complexity associated with our current $48 billion platform. The Infonic team is sharp and solution-oriented with a vision to the future direction of the alternative industry.”

William Murphy, Chief Technology Officer and Head of the Blackstone Innovations and Infrastructure group said “We look forward to partnering with Infonic to continue to increase the functionality and data transparency available to our clients. Innovation is critical in our Hedge Fund Solutions business and with Infonic we feel we can bring great products to our users at Blackstone and the broader marketplace.”

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