Infonic seeds Costa Rica based dev team to build its brand new HedgeSphere Edge product

To build its HedgeSphere Edge product, wiring Infonic’s proven HedgeSphere core product to the market and delivering a next generation notification based user experience model, Infonic has seeded its own development team in Costa Rica. The Infonic team is collocated with a larger team that Blackstone, one of Infonic’s flagship clients established in 2014.

Blackstone’s 10 person development team has over the past two years built around the HedgeSphere core product what is the precursor to Infonic’s new HedgeSphere Edge product. Using this setup, Infonic can build on an established infrastructure with a proven engineering team knowing both the HedgeSphere core product as well as the business side of the industry.

The Costa Rica location is ideal from a time zone perspective to service the US and provides excellent scalability given the availability of well-educated engineers.

Basing its HedgeSphere Edge work on some of the results Blackstone as an Industry leading firm has already in production today, allows Infonic to jump start its product with capabilities that have already been proven on a day-to-day basis.