On the lighter side ? Meet Philippe Armbruster, product responsible

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 15.01.04.png

Philippe travels a lot. And Philippe does night shifts. And Philippe is passionate and super persistent.

Shows in his work. You can find his business credentials as responsible for our product in the About Infonic section.

Take his sports for it. Not really on the lighter side if you are into cycling. In 2016, Philippe clocked more than 10’000 km - with an astounding 100 km vertical - on his bicycle and finished 6 races on 3 continents while he was between jobs: London, New York, Rome, Cape Town, Sweden and the French alps. Amongst the rides were a 300 km night ride and a mountain stage of the Tour de France.

Here's the full article from Cape Town Cycle Tour magazine as PDF.