About Infonic

Essential for Investment Management, Essential for Alternatives

Infonic AG of Switzerland is a trusted software provider and partner to institutional clients managing sizable investments in unlisted funds, including hedge funds and other alternative assets. With HedgeSphere we deliver a core software system providing support for the entire investment & cash life cycle. Clients relying on our product include the world's leading specialists in alternatives, banks and buy side advisors to pension funds and other institutional asset owners.

Founded in Switzerland in 1991 and privately owned, we have built a robust reputation as the platform of choice for multi-manager portfolio management and deep processing capabilities for investments in hedge funds and other alternatives. Leading in our market, we are a boutique firm by choice, providing software and service to our clients in the important financial centers across Europe, North America and Asia.

With its head office in Zug/Zurich, Switzerland, our international team is on the ground wherever needed, including New York, Chicago, London, Zurich, Geneva, Singapore and Hong Kong. Led by a team of industry veterans, we pride ourselves on bringing together the talent to build and deliver comprehensive solutions to provide competitive advantage to our clients over the long run.

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As a software vendor to the investment management industry we have a distinct view of where this industry is going with its investment and operational processes for unlisted funds and alternative assets. This allows us to remain sharply focused in a dynamic environment. Before putting trust in us, we expect our clients to select us as their long-term partner just as leading investment firms and institutional asset owners select their underlying asset managers.
— Tom Furrer, Chairman and Founder Infonic AG