The HedgeSphere Solution



We service institutional clients managing sizable investments in unlisted funds including alternative assets. Both asset managers and asset owners and their advisors.

We help our clients gain insight and control over their investments in a flexible and efficient manner. Clients use our system to efficiently plan, execute and record their investment strategy as well as aggregate information across assets, portfolios and service providers. Our unique best-in-time information mechanism allows managers to have confidence in their investment decisions. And produce timely and accurate investor, operational and regulatory reporting, anticipating or integrating their service providers as needed.

We do this by providing with HedgeSphere a core software system able to cover the entire lifecycle of investment decisions, execution, position tracking and settlement / reconciliation. Paired with a boutique team of business and IT experts working with our clients to implement, configure and integrate our product. At Infonic we develop HedgeSphere with the industry constituents and our product user group, working as our customers' partner for the long run.

The challenge – Work smarter with unlisted funds including alternatives

Spending too much time and money away from your core business?

Investment Managers know the unique challenges that come with investing in unlisted funds including alternatives.

Your business is highly competitive and fast moving. We understand you cannot afford to waste time making your systems and service providers work for you.

Implementing a system is a challenge. There are a number of potential barriers that cause people to hesitate rather than address the situation:

  • The amount of investment in and level of integration with your proprietary investment management tools
  • The lock-in with a vendor and system that is less than ideal to trust your business on, is too costly or does not evolve with your business
  • The overheads and constraints in being too dependent on one of your service provider’s systems
  • The lack of an industry standard solution covering the full investment management life cycle while being purposely built to the unique nature of investments in alternative assets and other unlisted funds.
  • The risks, costs and capacity required to manage the process of changing the situation

Credible choices are limited, costs can be high, vendor and project risks can be substantial, products are complex and none will check all the boxes. Yet waiting and doing nothing, you run on too high a cost base and risk your clients, your best people and your business while the industry moves on.

The solution – building a productive relationship with the right partner 

Better relationships produce better results

We feel what really matters once you have validated the basics of a product is picking the vendor and team that has your trust to be your partner in a continuously evolving industry.

We believe our customers say it all. We will go out of our way to have you join our 100% referencible client base for the long run. 

Essential for Investment Management

Investment Managers running portfolios investing into unlisted funds and alternatives know the specific challenges that come with these important and attractive asset classes.

HedgeSphere is an industry leading, integrated suite of software tools, supporting the full asset management life cycle.

It allows your professionals to spend more time on decision- making and reduce the many and substantial risks. This is achieved by automating and supporting the processes the way your business works. And by enabling your business functions to work together and with service providers effectively and independently in real time. 


Your partner of choice

We go out of our way to service you for the long run as a well established, profitably growing business, backed by long term client contracts and a large US based investor from the industry with a strategic minority stake
— Tom Furrer, Chairman & Founder
We put at your disposition a Boutique Team of Swiss based business and technology professionals with on average more than seven years with the company working for the alternatives investment industry, augmented by experienced implementation experts in the US and UK.
— René Villiger, Executive Director
We provide you a mature proven Swiss quality product, simple to operate, well supported and consistently enhanced to set best industry standards at a competitive price. Developed directly with front and middle office staff as a key component of our clients’ business.
— Roman Bargezi, Board & former Head of Product