The HedgeSphere Solution


We service institutional clients managing sizeable investments in unlisted funds including alternative assets.


We help our clients gain insight and control over an investment and operational process that for these asset classes continues to be largely fragmented and manual.


With HedgeSphere we deliver a core software system providing support for the entire investment & cash lifecycle, smart integration with the market, as well as aggregation and analysis across all assets.

Worldwide Clients

Clients relying on our product include the worlds leading specialists in alternatives, banks and buy side advisors to pension funds and other institutional asset owners.

  • Global #1 Asset Manager in Alternatives
    Valued Client since 2007
  • Global #1 Service Provider in Alternatives
    Valued Client since 2006
  • Global #1 Bank
    Valued Client since 2001
  • Global Top 5 Pension Fund Advisor
    Valued Client since 2015